"One of the biggest advantages of working out of Chilliwack is the people. The Chilliwack area has a labour force second to none: people that care about their work, give it their all and work through problems."
- Soprema

Chilliwack, BC Offers Business A World of Advantages

When people talk about "Beautiful British Columbia," they might as well be talking about Chilliwack, BC. Chilliwack is nestled in a wide, fertile river valley surrounded by endless mountains, miles of crystal clear lakes, and acres of untamed wilderness. It is quite literally one of the most extraordinary areas of the planet.

As part of the Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland Economic Region, Chilliwack enjoys some of the same benefits as Vancouver: Canada's low cost dollar, proximity to major markets (the Pacific Rim), and easy access to the United States. Even with all these benefits, Chilliwack has more to offer with a lower cost of living and comptetitive labour, energy, land and housing costs.

With a growing population of 92,308, an ever-expanding infrastructure of leisure facilities, a mild climate, a vast array of recreational opportunities, shopping, arts and culture and a continuously growing education district (Canada Education Park), Chilliwack is fast becoming the destination of choice for many new businesses and residents. In fact, major corporations, like Convergys, Kal-Tire, IMW Industries, Rogers Foods, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, and Coast Hotels and Resorts discovered these competitive advantages and have chosen to establish operations in Chilliwack.

Competitive costs, combined with a strong economy and a superb quality of life, make Chilliwack one of the best places in the world to locate a business.