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Sticky's Brings Sweet Treats to Chilliwack

Call it a sweet idea. When Robin Burnette was looking to fill his empty storefront on Wellington Avenue in downtown Chilliwack, he wanted something a little different.

He wanted something that would add to the street, complement the existing businesses, and make the downtown the kind of destination shopping district he knows it is.

Already people are seeking out the store to explore new variations in confectionery splendor, or reconnect with bygone favourites from their youth.

Burnette, looking every bit as excited as a kid in a candy shop, says the reception so far has been fantastic.

"We'll be lined up in the summer," he says enthusiastically.

Burnette is no stranger to the downtown. A long-time member of the Downtown Business Improvement Association, he's an adamant supporter of finding ways to make the downtown better.

He recently relocated his hardware store to a larger, renovated premise just a block away. The move has been a good one, he says, but it left a hole on Wellington.

"So we looked around and though about it, and asked what would work for the downtown."

He and his partners wanted something that would add to the downtown's unique shopping experience, while not taking away from anyone else's business.

And so was born Sticky's.

But it's not just any candy shop. It's a store that brings to Chilliwack candy bars and confections from around the world. If they don't have it, staff are taking down requests and trying to find it.

So far, there's a section dedicated to classic American candy bars. There's one that brings popular treats in from England. And, of course, there's a section offering an assortment of Dutch licorice.

Sticky's carries 50 flavours of Jelly Bellies, allowing you to mix and match flavours like buttered popcorn, strawberry daiquiri, or pomegranate. (There's even a helpful recipe guide: add two blueberry Jelly Bellies to one popcorn and you've got a blueberry muffin.)

You can also build your own Pixie Stix. (Remember those?)

The ice cream counter has yet to be truly tested, given our cool, damp spring. But the reception so far for the premium brand hard ice cream suggests the store will be a cool destination once the weather warms up. He plans on adding additional tables and chairs outside to accommodate the customers.

And that's the whole idea, he says. "This will draw traffic."

He wants Sticky's to be the kind of place families pop into during their day of shopping - a place where people can meet up after one person heads to, say, Payton Buckle across the street, the other to The Book Man next door.

"It all blends things together," Burnette says.

Sticky's is located at 45929 Wellington Avenue.

Congratulations Sticky's!!

Source: Chilliwack Progress, April 12, 2011